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An Alternative For Holding Oxygen Tubing

The O2 Kid Lids were born of frustration for our daughter who needed oxygen therapy at night. We didn't want to put the stickers on her face since she didn't need them during the day but removing them each morning was too rough on her skin. Without the stickers, the oxygen tubing wouldn't remain in place and often ended up around her neck during the night.

Through several trials, the idea came to us to make a hat that looked like a scrub hat that would be comfortable 24 hours a day, breath well so it wouldn't be too hot even with a fever and would be adjustable. The back closures are all made with Velcro to get a custom fit and the ribbons 

should fit close to the ear so that when tied securely the oxygen tubing will be in just the right place.

Through lots of encouragement from Anna's doctors, we decided there were lots of kids like Anna that needed an alternative to the nasty little stickers that have been the only option. There are lots of patterns and six sizes to fit everyone's needs.

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