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Pay It Forward

I've been making hats for almost eight years now and I find my favorite part of it is giving hats away. I love knowing each hat is making one life with oxygen easier. But I've also found I can't do it alone.

This got me thinking about all the families who have been where ours has been: dealing with oxygen, cursing the stickers, wishing for another option, but in a tight financial place and can't aford to purchase a hat.

We can't afford to send them hats alone, but together we can make a difference.

So I came up with the idea offer an option to Pay It Forward. You can purchase a bunch of hats on behalf of a qualified charity (hospital, support group, etc) and we'll mail the hats directly to them. You will have a charitable donation and they'll have the ability to share the hats with all the kids they support.

You can place an order below and when it is recieved, we will email you with the information for the charity of your choice and we'll get the hats right out to them!

Silver Bundle (10 Assorted Hats)

O2 Kid Lids

Gold Bundle (25 Assorted Hats)

O2 Kid Lids

Platinum Bundle (50 Assorted Hats)

O2 Kid Lids

Ultimate Gift (100 Assorted Hats)

O2 Kid Lids

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